Self(ie) Care 1

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Ever wonder why you get excited to gossip? Whether it is good or bad news, there is this little bit of excitement before sharing it. Well, I never wondered but now I know so I feel obligated to share.

I am currently reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, which is about “awakening your life’s purpose.” I thought it was about self-improvement, which maybe it is later on, but the hungry millennial within me expected meditation references or strict social media breaks. Instead, I was faced with a harsh truth. Who wants that? Well, definitely not me while I’m reading in the bath, with a glass of wine, and a face mask for the fourth time this week #selfcaredays. Regardless of the impending guilt I felt while reading this book, I think it is an essential read. It speaks about the ego in a way that doesn’t blame human behaviour but adds understanding. NEAT!

Once you get over the intense language choice and get to the core of what’s being said, it is actually intriguing. Basically, when we gossip, we are feeding the ego. In that moment, we actually know more than the other person. Whether you are a doctor or a renown psychologist, I know your neighbour is shagging her dog walker behind her husbands back, you don’t. Bold of me to assume you don’t know, but, if you do then whatever, we now have the same level of knowledge on this topic. But, if you don’t, then I know more. HA! No Ph.D. needed to gossip.

Anyways, this part of the novel I felt was the most relatable. It doesn’t say gossip is necessarily bad, but it really highlights the reason we do it. If you think about it, this post is feeding my ego right now. We are always in a way attempting to gain some sense of ego. This produces this feeling of self-satisfaction, but realistically it doesn’t do anything else. So, I guess what I am trying to get at is next time before gossiping consider whether this is actually to give information or make yourself feel better. We are so consumed in others lives, from Instagram to Facebook and we jump at the chance to speak negatively about someone. To crush that picture perfect life they have created online. I think we just need to realize that there are so many other layers we don’t see behind closed doors.

We don’t see our lives through the same VSCO filter we see others. This is just another little step towards some self(ie) care. Although wine, baths and face masks feel great, there is so much more to self-care. Lessening negative language and thoughts towards others, such as gossiping, can help shift the way you think about yourself.


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