Self(ie) Care 3

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I like to doggy ear the pages of books. And as a lover of all books, I know this seems crazy. But I like to go back and figure out why I left a subtle mark in the side of a page. What could’ve been so important on it for me to crinkle a bit of art?

Well, that question is what ends up having me grin from ear to ear remembering the thought process behind each curl of the page. I’m not really sure where this blog is going to go, but as I am back on my self-help book rampage, I believe it’ll have to do with some form of self care.

Tonight, I went to the gym and breathed in the fresh smell of New Years goals and sweat. The gym is usually freezing, and yet a sauna couldn’t have kept up with it today. A bitter sweet moment of seeing everyone trying, but wishing the less motivated would tap out so you can go back to using the machines. I’ve realized the gym is a good outlet for anxiety. We all have our ways, but becoming more aware of my emotions, and why I choose to react and feel the way I do has been helping. The gym has been a big factor in allowing my body to release the tension it builds up daily from anxiety. I have been flushing my system with 2 litres of water daily, sweating out the negativity and attempting to be aware of the negativity I am carrying.

I think a huge part of self care is accountability. Becoming not only aware of your emotions and your actions, but also becoming accountable for them. Shedding the idea that you are a victim to yourself will strengthen your coping mechanisms, allowing them to become healthier. I mean if we all just sat back and thought, yeah maybe I was a bit heated there or maybe I overreacted there, and then proceeded to admit it, well we would be pretty much perfect. Sadly, it’s a hard thing to do.

I’m still working on this portion, but I am learning how to slowly. I just am attempting to make myself aware, and try to catch myself while I’m using that victim mindset.

A nice cup of tea, some light reading and a face mask after the gym are a nice pleasure to yourself though. There’s self care for pleasure and self care for health, and both are always needed.


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